In-depth layout, expansion of the entire industrial chain business

Release time:2020/10/27 8:54:48

1. Continuous financing for production

Making cars requires constant blood production to advance production. According to data from Tianyan, Nextev has raised $1.6 billion, Xiaopeng about 20 billion, and Idev about 15 billion. As most of the new power enterprises are developing new technologies and constantly promoting new energy and intelligent network, they need a lot of financing in the stages of talent introduction, technology research and development and product listing to ensure smooth production. Financing also determines the survival of new power car companies. At present, the domestic three new forces, Nextev, Xiaopeng and Weimar, are developing vigorously, and the sales growth of new energy vehicles also brings confidence to the market. It is believed that in the future, the head force can make a breakthrough and achieve steady growth.

2. Serious losses and difficult to balance income and expenditure in the short term

In terms of profitability, including Nextev, Xiaopeng and other head car companies, New Power car companies are still in the state of not making ends meet. Nextev suffered a loss of 11.296 billion yuan in 2019, rising to 17.2%. In the future, on the basis of self-sufficiency, the new power automobile enterprises need to focus on technology research and development in order to cope with the market competition. The future competition will be more intense, and solving the core technical problems is the key to achieve profitability.