Bionic gold medal modeling

Unique models, beautiful curves, stylish and smart appearance, no imitation, the best in the paint industry, and won the best industrial styling award.

Car quality

The materials of the whole car are carefully selected from the inside to the outside, and the workmanship is exquisite, which absolutely guarantees the real car quality.

Exquisite paint

The appearance of the two-component plasma baking paint is currently not comparable in the industry.

LED highlight headlights

Biomimetic leaf eyebrow design, integrated lens headlights with far and near beams, high brightness, beautiful and stylish, and the same functions as car headlights, such as alternating far and near light, position and steering.

LED highlight taillight

The combined high-brightness LED tail light has multiple functions such as steering, position, braking, and reversing.

Stable structure

The unique energy-absorbing cage anti-collision design ensures that the vehicle is safer when it encounters a collision or rollover, reaching the traditional car safety level.

Convenient rearview mirror

Foldable rearview mirror, integrated steering function, the mirror surface can be adjusted at a large angle to ensure that there is no dead angle in the rear view.

High-end safety seat

The main and co-drivers use high-end car special adjustable seats, the safety headrest ensures the safety of the occupants under extreme conditions, the main and co-pilot three-point seat belts, the interior is beautiful and elegant, and the space layout is romantic and warm.

Personalized daytime running lights

The whole series are equipped with eyebrow LED daytime running lights, which are beautiful and generous while ensuring safe driving during the day.

Hot and cold air conditioning configuration

The car is equipped with three-level heating and cooling air-conditioning to get rid of the severe cold and heat, making you warm and comfortable when driving.

Large trunk

Open the trunk with one button, the capacity reaches 360L, and the food market and supermarket can handle shopping freely.