Power windows

The electric doors and windows are easy to use, the door lock adopts central control, remote control open, one key to open and one key to lock, safe and reliable.

LCD instrument

The smart meter can display the gear position, vehicle speed, temperature in the car, air volume of the air conditioner, and battery power, allowing you to see the situation of your car at a glance.

120km battery

The whole series are equipped with 60V120AH maintenance-free batteries, which can travel more than 120 kilometers on a single charge, allowing you to travel worry-free.

Super load-bearing

The maximum load is 180 kg, and the weight of two people is 180, which can be easily driven, which is absolutely suitable for family daily travel.

Four seats

The LZD-M3-4 model is newly developed, a four-seater double-door model, which can meet the multi-passenger needs of a family car.

Skylight configuration

The roof is equipped with a sunroof, giving people a comfortable view.

Intelligent console

The console adopts a sedan layout, which is both beautiful and practical, showing high-end luxury. It is equipped with an electronic transmission, MP3 player, radio and USB charging port.

Strong power

The 4KW motor is adopted to ensure the same stable start and driving, and strong power performance. Climbing up to >20% in full load state, equipped with vector controller, equipped with slope detection, to ensure that the vehicle does not slip when starting on the slope.

Four-wheel disc brake

Vacuum assisted braking system, light and flexible pedals, all four-wheel disc brakes are standard.